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Dr. Rahim Homeopathic Foundation (DRHF) is the first International Standard Homeopathic Clinic in Bangladesh.

This non-government organization, conceptualized and formed by Dr. Syed Abdur Rahim in 2012.

The main objective of DRHF is to create a platform for homeopathy to benefit the suffering humanity, assist the homeopathy students and professionals in delivering proficient training and services and also empower the growth of homeopathy science in Bangladesh.

Our mission is to help homeopathy benefits reach out to all the people in Bangladesh, which we intend to achieve by collaborative activities involving all kinds of homeopathic professionals, conventions doctors, scientists and other concerning agencies and institutions.

DRHF intends to work in the areas of promotion of homeopathy, research and education and enabling the professionals to engage into greater roles beyond that of clinicians. DRHF as an organization that shall play a role, most importantly in identifying the challenges, facilitate developing strategies by involving required resources, and may get involved as resource or collaborative partner.

The activities of DRHF will benefit the homeopaths all around the globe and the people of Bangladesh.


                         Dr. Syed Abdur Rahim


Late. Dr. Syed Abdur Rahim was a famous and one of the reputable person on homeopathic platform in bangladesh.

He practice and research on homeopathy medicine since 1955.

He was a dedicated and committed creator in the overall development of homeopathy. He was involved in many homeopathic organizations.

He was a owner of Hahnemann pharmacy, Khulna and founder of Dr. Rahim Homeopathy Foundation (DRHF). He founded the foundation on 10th April 2012, the day also memorable for the date of birth of Samuel Hahnemann.

He is the main sponsor of the Foundation . he gave up his last breath on 8th December, 2013.