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Thursday, 21 November 2013 00:00

How to take control of your seasonal allergies with homeopathy.

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Like any other year, experts are predicting doom and gloom for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. More moisture brings more blooms which bring more pollen and allergens in the environment. Whether the season is beautiful or bland matters little if you happen to be the one afflicted. However, you can turn misery into opportunity– just consider what your symptoms are and what they make you feel like, then see how these key remedies measure up to your individual pattern. Who knows, maybe one of them will be able to convince your body that a little bit of pollen is just that and not a health threatening invader.

Why so many homeopathic allergy remedy options? In order to match the wide variety of hay fever symptoms, we need a wide variety of remedies -- homeopathy supports individuality.

Allium cepa - hayfever symptoms: watery eye irritation, nose burns, throat irritation, hoarseness

If eyes are irritated and nasal discharge burns, Allium cepa can bring relief. Whether due to a spring cold, hay fever or airborne irritants, it acts swiftly to relieve symptoms of eye, nose and throat irritation as well as related headaches, hacking coughs and hoarseness. Its symptoms are often worse in cool damp weather and stuffy rooms.

Arsenicum alb - Heat for symptoms with a burning sensation? If that makes sense, this will to. Arsenicum relieves symptoms of allergies, hay feve, colds, etc. including: sneezing, coughing, runny noses and eyes... all with watery, burning secretions. Its coughs hack, wheeze, dry up at night, loosen during the day with frothy, salty, burning mucus. The only relief may be a hot cup of tea as anything cold makes everything worse. Those it can do the most for are anxious, restless worriers who often feel overly sensitive to all impressions and can be at times compulsive or controlling and fear being alone.

Euphrasia - hayfever symptoms: tears burn watery eyes, nose runs or gets stuffed up

This fast acting single can help the body's own defenses brighten eyes and clear congestions. Whether allergies, hay fever or a watery cold produces symptoms like burning, watery, red, irritated eyes, this remedy offers needed relief. Other symptoms may include coughs, headaches and noses that change from blocked and stuffy to running with bland profuse mucus.

Kali bich - hayfever symptoms: sinuses, throat, etc., clog with thick, ropy, stubborn mucus

By helping the body break down its thick, ropy, sticky, tough, stubborn mucus, this congestion expert relieves symptoms of sinus pain, post nasal drip, etc., including: hawking, blocked nasal passages, stubborn gagging coughs. Related stomach distress and migraine-like headache symptoms can enjoy its relief as well. If mucus suppressants, spring pollen, or too much beer are in the picture, that’s more evidence that Kali bich could help.

Pulsatilla - hayfever symptoms: stuffy yellow mucus, sniffles, cough, sinus pressure, etc.

This comprehensive classic can bring much needed relief to cold, flu, hay fever and allergy symptoms which bring on ripe yellow mucus, wearying night coughs that force the cougher to sit up, burning eyes, dry sore throats and sometimes, thirstless chilly fevers. The key with all of these is a desire fresh air even if it's coldness seems to aggravate the cough. Pulsatilla has a preference for mild, moody, yet affectionate individuals with a deep need for security, e.g., children who need constant attention, they wilt in too much sunshine, but cannot stand a stuffy room.

Nat mur - hayfever symptoms: dry throat irritation, profuse nasal discharge, watery eyes, post nasal drip,

Dryness underlies many of Nat mur’s applications. Its colds and congestions have a dry rawness along with thickening clear to whitish mucus. The nose may run but the throat feels dry and vice versa. The colds, hay fever and sinus pressure symptoms it helps are often marked by profuse nasal discharge, watery eyes, post nasal drip, dry tickling coughs or dry sore throats. While the cell salt is pretty common to all of us, it has an uncanny ability to help those who are more susceptible because they feel worn down, sleepless or just tired of reliving haunting unpleasant memories of grief or disappointment.


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