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Sunday, 08 December 2013 00:00

Statistics About The Use of Homeopathy by US Adults

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An important survey of use of homeopathy and homeopathic medicines in the USA has been 300px-samuel_hahnemann_memorialpublished in the highly respected American Journal of Public Health. The researchers used the 2012 National Health Interview Survey to compare homeopathy users with supplement users and those using other forms of complementary and integrative medicine. The results revealed that among US adults, 2.1% had used homeopathy within the past 12 months. The survey found that people who were more educated were more likely to use homeopathic medicines than people who were less educated.

Homeopathy users were more likely to use multiple complementary and integrative medicine therapies and to perceive the therapy as helpful than were supplement users. While in the Hahnemann Memorial Washington DC, USA US homeopathy use remains uncommon; users perceive it as helpful. Two-thirds of homeopathy users ranked homeopathy as one of their top three complementary therapies.Of particular note was that homeopathy users who saw a professional homeopath were significantly more likely to feel that homeopathy was “very important in maintaining health and well-being” and that it helped their health condition “a great deal” than were homeopathy users who did not see a professional homeopath.

The survey noted that homeopathic studies “suggest potential public health benefits such as reductions in unnecessary antibiotic usage, reductions in costs to treat certain respiratory diseases, improvements in peri-menopausal depression, improved health outcomes in chronically ill individuals. Respiratory and otorhinolaryngology complaints were most commonly treated (18.5%). The researchers concluded, “Because of potential public health benefits associated with the use of homeopathy, further research on this modality and targeted studies of users are warranted.”

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