Syed Abu Sayeed Chandan

In the last two decades, there has been a great development of homeopathy in Bangladesh. The graduation degree has been started on homeopathy in government level. And doctors who already had completed their graduation on homeopathy have been appointed in many government hospitals also.

The overall plan for the development of homeopathy has been adopted in the National Health Policy. Besides these, there has been a lot of promotion and expansion in homeopathy development in the private sector.

Many non-government organizations have already initiated for the development of homeopathy. Dr. Rahim Homeopathy Foundation (DRHF) is one of them. All these developments have contributed in promoting homeopathy, have not played an equal role in improving the quality of homeopathy, and no such effective steps have been taken for the improving the quality of homeopathy also.

In these regards, the Dr. Rahim Homeopathy Foundation's path has begun with the promise of better treatment, providing quality medicines and overall development of homeopathy in 2012.

The goal of this foundation is not only by providing better medical treatment but also by providing various effective and timely & interdisciplinary training and research activities to develop homeopathy culture equals to international level in Bangladesh.


Dr. Syed Abu Sayeed
Chairman & Executive Director

Dr. Rahim Homeopathy Foundation (DRHF)