Why Study With Us:

=> It’s the only homeopathy Program adopted by medical universities worldwide.
=> Prof. Vithoulkas’ new pioneering Levels of Health theory is incorporated.   Understand dynamic.
=> processes during acute/chronic treatment.
=> Understand Prof. Vithoulkas’ Continuum of a unified theory of diseases.
=> Increase case-taking skills.
=> Know how to properly analyse cases.
=> Acquire expertise in differential diagnoses of remedies.
=> Recognise choice of correct potency depending on Level of Health and long-term case-management.
=> Have the most complete and up-to-date Materia Medica - see how it’s successfully applied in practise.
=> Learn from an experienced teacher who’s supervised thousands of cases.
=> Observe Prof. Vithoulkas’ case-taking and understand homeopathy, in depth, from his analyses.
=> Connect with an international community of serious students to discuss ideas during and after training.

And many more....

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